Written by: Rita Miglioranza

Texts: Angelo Lippo, Egidio Ivetic, Marino Budicin e Bruno Poropat

Editor: La Cittadella Edizioni


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The years of my childhood are linked to reminiscences of the war when every family bore the marks and wounds that all wars inflict. We were in the midst of seasons and months of great deprivation which also affected us children. After a long morning in school we would also have to do our share of work in the fields. I remember well the drawn out, harsh, winter evenings spent in the stable in the informal, social gathering known as the “filò”. The warmth would rekindle real or imagined experiences in the adult’s collective memory which we youngsters listened to with astonishment and awe. My father was a strict man who commanded respect, however in the filò’s cosy atmosphere he made me feel as if I was his travelling companion in his life as a soldier because he managed to bring alive the episodes he had experienced in Istria, in particular on the island of Arbe, before he was demobilised in 1943. The magic of his stories, being all the more precious because they were so rare, was an ideal accompaniment to the spontaneous beauty of those places: the Mediterranean light, the fragrance in the air, the red colour of the earth, the sound of the bells mingling with the whispering swish of the bora… I remember always being interested in drawing. Nevertheless, I believe that the love generated by approaching the poetry that every landscape offers, is born partly in our background but also in the magic words of a father’s story engraved in “the places of my memory”. In the mid-sixties I first travelled to Istria and Dalmatia. That subsequently led to other visits and a more profound analysis of the scenery. In the melting pot of various epochs, the Istrian and Dalmatian landscape finds a common denominator in stones. The volume Le Pietre Dimenticate evokes the beauty of the stones of Istria, Rovigno, Arbe, Ragusa and Valle d’Istria, defined as “the town of stones”, on which the sun and silence of time have conferred a silver hue which when lit up by the blue of the sky, becomes a sight infused in form and colour. The Venetian quality of former times transpires in the architecture and forms a perfect umbilical cord, which today more than ever, ideally unites the two Adriatic coasts. A new spring is germinating in this land so rich in history. The wish is that it may not lose that magic stillness that allows a people to be reflected in their landscape. The roots of all of us find lifeblood and vitality in the balance that is attuned to nature and expressed in the scenery. The seasons create a circular path where yesterday is today and tomorrow will he the fruit of our own thoughts and deeds.

Mario De Poli